Board of Directors 2020/2021

The people who serve on the Board of Directors and Board Oversight Committee of Core Credit Union are unpaid volunteers, that are elected by their fellow Members at the Credit Unions Annual General Meeting.

Unlike other kinds of financial institutions, Core Credit Union is Member owned. Every Member of Core Credit Union gets to vote on who will represent them on the Board of Directors (Board) and every Member of the Credit Union has one vote. Serving as a Board Member is a valuable and fulfilling experience, furthering the longstanding Credit Union philosophy of people helping people. The Board meets monthly and guides the Credit Union through strategic planning and setting of policy.

The current Board of Directors of Core Credit Union are:

Alan Guerins – Chairperson

Elizabeth Harpur – Vice Chairperson

John O’Reilly – Secretary

Elaine Hughes – Director

Mary O’Riordain – Director

Michael Thomas – Director

Paula O’Toole – Director

Anne Marie Murtagh – Director

Edel Churchill – Director

Susan Bermingham – Director

Janie Lazar – Director


Pat McAuliffe – Board Oversight Committee

Lia Downer – Board Oversight Committee

Siobhan Harding – Board Oversight Committee