Protecting You and Your Current Account from Fraud


Fraud on Financial transactions is regularly reported in the news with fraudsters becoming more sophisticated each day and producing frauds based on current topical news items. We need to do more to protect ourselves from becoming victims of fraud.

While most financial frauds still use phone, texts and emails to commit the crime, fraudsters are using technology and publicly available information to trick people.

As a valued member of our Credit Union, we hope this guide will help you to become more fraud aware. If you have any queries on this document please contacy your Credit Union.

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Be Aware;

  • Card Safety
    Keep your Card & Pin Details Safe!
  • Protect Your Passwords
    Keep them Strong, Unique & Never Share
  • Shopping Online
    Know who you are dealing with
  • Advertising Scams
    Be Cautious!

If you suspect you have been a victim of fraud or have noticed unusual activity on your account, contact your Credit Union or Credit Union Card Services immediately

 +353 1 693 3333