Governance & Leadership

What is governance? For Core Credit Union, governance is the manner in which the Board of Directors sets and guides the overall direction of the credit union to ensure its success, as both a viable business, and a socially, environmentally and economically responsible financial co-operative that is aligned with the interests and values of its members, employees and external stakeholders.


Board of Directors 

Members elected by members, the Board leads by having a clear sense of where Core Credit Union is heading and guides the credit union towards its goals.

Member involvement in the election is critical in maintaining Core Credit Union’s success, the values on which the credit union is founded, and the innovative strategies that enable Core Credit Union to serve its members, communities and beyond.


Annual General Meeting

A yearly opportunity for members to hear from the Board with respect to Core Credit Union’s performance, and engage in a conversation about its plans.

The Annual General Meeting (also known as the AGM) is a legally required, member meeting that takes place every year. The Board and Chief Executive Officer present the Annual Report and a brief overview on Core Credit Union’s performance and strategy.