Current Accounts

Available from Autumn 2019!


On-line, E-Statements, Mobile, Debit Card, Overdraft

Members have been asking for Current Accounts from their trusted Credit Union since the banking crisis. We have been working hard over the past 5 years to make this a reality. We are now close to launch. Register you interest now to be part of the initial roll out of the first 100 Current Accounts.

This account will be a full-service current account that is separate from your savings or loan account. The Current Account will provide a real choice to Members for their day-to-day money needs and will give Members instant access to their money through a globally accepted debit card.

The Current Account will also be accessible through our existing online and app facilities, so your Credit Union is always with you no matter where you are in the world.

Nevertheless, your account is still delivered by your friendly Credit Union and you can pop in to any of our 7 offices or call us on 01 272 5600 anytime.

This Current Account is a real and beneficial alternative to the banks, provided by your trusted Credit Union.


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