Loan Protection Insurance Exclusions


The LPI cover is not payable if the member dies as a direct result of:

  • An illness or injury that occurs within the first 6 months of their cover, where they received medical advice, consultation or treatment for that illness or injury within the 6-month period prior to the commencement of their cover;
  • Suicide within 12 months of the commencement date of cover, whether the person who has died is sane or insane;
  • The illegal use of drugs and/or alcohol or the abuse of legal drugs or drugs prescribed by a medical doctor;
  • Where death has occurred in the commissioning of any criminal activity;
  • Flying in an aircraft except as a passenger or crew member of a commercial airline licensed as a common carrier;
  • Insurrection or any act of war, declared or undeclared, or service in the armed forces of any country, revolution, terrorism, usurped power or action taken by the governmental authority in hindering or defending against any of these; or
  • Nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination.

Claims must be submitted within 24 months of death.