1. The Members Draw costs €52 annually. For participating members, a deduction of €52 from Shares will be taken at the beginning of October each year, unless the member completes the Members Draw Cessation Form. Any member who wishes to participate during the year will have the cost of entering the draw deducted on a pro-rata basis. Where there are insufficient funds in an account at the time of deduction the credit union will attempt to deduct the pro-rata amount on an on-going monthly basis thereafter.
  2. The draw is open to members of Core Credit Union Ltd only, who are aged 18 and over at the time of the draw.
  3. One entry per member. In the case of joint accounts the prize will be awarded to both members of the account.
  4. Clubs/Society & Community Group accounts may enter the draw. In the event of such a group winning, the prize will be awarded in the Group name.
  5. Directors, supervisors, staff and volunteers are not eligible to enter the draw.
  6. Draws are held on a monthly basis. Prizes will be selected based on the funds available. More than one prize may be awarded per month.
  7. Draws are conducted at selected Core Credit Union offices, the registered office of the Credit Union or public events.
  8. The draw is an ongoing project, subject to sufficient members subscribing to fund the prize / prizes.
  9. In the event of insufficient entries, the draw may be suspended or discontinued; alternative prizes may be given at the direction and discretion of the board.
  10. Participation in the draw is valid once written authorisation is received, by completing a Core Credit Union Members Draw entry form, and handing it into staff of Core Credit Union Ltd. or e-mailing it to
  11. This draw is self-financing and non-profit making. Should there be a surplus it will be disposed of by way of extra draws or competitions to draw members.
  12. The financial accounts of the Members Draw will be audited and presented at the AGM.
  13. The Board reserves the right to amend the number and frequency of the draws / prizes should sufficient / insufficient draw members be involved without further reference to the draw members.
  14. Winner’s name will be made public, with the winner or their representative required to participate in a photo shoot – to be used for publicity purposes and on social media, print media, in-store advertising and our website.
  15. A register of entrants will be maintained by Core Credit Union Ltd at the registered office of the Credit Union.
  16. A member of the draw cannot win more than one prize in the same draw.
  17. If a member closes their account after deductions have taken place they will still be part of the draw until the end of the draw year.
  18. Where the prize is a car, a cash alternative can be provided for winners in lieu of the car, which will not necessarily comprise of the list price or garage selling price of the car.
  19. Car brand, colour and model is at the discretion of Core Credit Union Ltd.
  20. Core Credit Union Ltd accepts no liability for any faults to the car supplied, which will be subject to the normal warranty issued by the manufacturer.
  21. The Board reserve the right to approve any changes to the draw rules without prior notification being given to participants.
  22. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they have sufficient funds in their account at the time of deduction for the draw, those with insufficient funds will be excluded from the draw until the amount required for entry is available for deduction. In addition, members are also required to keep €10 in their account to be an active member. Core Credit Union Ltd has no obligation to notify members with insufficient funds in their account. Decisions concerning the rules made by the Board are final.
  23. Winning members will be notified. A list of all winners will be displayed in each credit union office and through print, digital and social media.
  24. Membership of the draw must be completed prior to participation, no entry is valid unless the competition fee has been deducted from your account.
  25. Winners with arrears on their loan account must first clear the arrears before collecting the remainder of their prize fund. If the member has failed to comply with the terms and conditions of their credit agreement, the Board shall be entitled to sell the car or the prizes at the best available price and pay the winning member the net proceeds after deducting any such arrears to remedy such default.
  26. In the event of a deceased member winning any prize, the proceeds pass to the member’s nominee.
  27. If the prize is not collected by the winning member within 90 days of being notified in writing to members last known address, the proceeds of the prize will be put back into the Core Credit Union Members Draw account.
  28. Members seeking to exit the draw must complete a Members Draw Cessation Form which will be available in each office.
  29. The details provided in this entry from together with any other information that is furnished to us in connection with this application will be retained and processed by Core Credit Union in accordance with the Privacy Notice which is available on our website and in any of our offices.