Payroll Deduction Service

Mutual Benefits for Employers & Employees

Core Credit Union’s Payroll Deduction Service is a service where employees can arrange with their employers to have a set amount of their wages paid directly into their Core Credit Union account.

Employees can use their payroll deductions for Loan repayments, Current accounts, Share accounts, Stamp accounts or to pay into Family member’s accounts. With payroll deductions the loan application process is simplified making it easier for employees to access credit.

Deductions will be itemised on the employee’s payslip, much like health insurance or pension deductions.

The administration and services are managed directly by Core Credit Union and all inquiries and savings withdrawals are made through the Credit Union office.

For employees having access to the Credit Union through their payroll, can help reduce financial stress and increase morale, this is a Win-Win for both employer and employee.

The contact details for our Payroll Deduction Service are:

CONTACT:       Stephanie Moraghan

PHONE:           01 272 5600



Click HERE to downloaded a payroll deduction authorisation form.