Stamp Account

Members can set up a Stamp account to help save for short term expenses like Christmas, Birthdays or Holy Communions.

A Stamp account does not earn a dividend and cannot be used as security for a loan, but it can run along side a loan to help you save up for short term expenses without affecting your Share account and any loan associated with it.

A Stamp account  cannot be used as security for a loan.

You can save into a Stamp account in the same way as a Share account and at the same time.

The maximum combined balance allowed per Member in Core Credit Union is €100,000. Your combined balance is calculated by deducting any loan balance you might have with Core Credit Union from your total deposits in Core Credit Union. Total deposits are made up of your Shares, Stamps and Current Account balances added together. Click Here for More Information.

To open up a Stamp account, you must first have a Share account. To join Core Credit Union online in minutes and open up a Share account, click on the button below.

If you are already a Member and would like to open up a Stamp account, call into any one of our offices and a member of staff will help you, or phone 01 272 5600